Simplicity Dress – Delia Creates Copycat

When I saw Delia post about her

denim jacket and fall floral dress

I was in. love. And I’m a little bit of a copycat, so I from then onward searched for an opportunity to create my own version of her dress. Which turned out to be a LOT like hers. (Okay so maybe I’m a bit more than a little copycat.)

So here is her version:

And here is my version:

Kind of can see the resemblance, right?

You can read her full blog post HERE. (It’s amazing and I’m addicted to her site.)

We used different patterns, but it turned out to be semi similar.  (I was more than a bit pleased that they were so similar.)

I’m going to be going over the pros and cons of the pattern.

This is the pattern I used and can be found HERE.

Simplicity Pattern 8231 R5 Misses' Dress in Two Lengths by Sew House Seven, Size 14-16-18-20-22


  • The pattern is easy to follow
  • There are no darts (all the people said HALLELUJAH. No really)
  • It only requires elastic (not buttons, zippers, or complex stuff)
  • It looks like how I wanted it to look


  • I had no idea what casing and neck facing meant and it threw. me. off.
  • There is a pattern piece that never gets sewn into the dress (it is used to measure elastic)
  • Pattern pieces 1 and 2 didn’t fit perfectly together when laid perfectly flat

Overall, the pattern is very simple and easy to follow. There were some things that confused me, but now that I’ve gone through it and “know what I’m doing”, I really want to try sewing it again! This pattern is definitely going to be worth my ten dollars.

^ My face when my mother (hi mom!!!) told me what I was supposed to do with neck facing etc. ^ We may or may not have had to do some googling and youtubing.

Maybe I’m just a noobie seamstress (97% chance that I am) or maybe other people find those terms confusing as well. No? Okay.

When I make it again, I will lower the waistband, as there were some *ahem* issues regarding the casing and I had to rip some of it out, and I will make the skirt flare more into a CIRCLE SKIRT. Not quite because #hemming. But c’mon we all love to twirl around, right? I will never outgrow circle skirts. Maybe I’ll try to make the sleeves/neckline look less like a nurse outfit. :/ Hehe.

Happy sewing! Let me know if you try out the pattern and if certain things work/don’t work in the comments below! 🙂