Spring Break Vacation // Part I // Idyllwild

I’ve had the idea for a few months to perhaps, maybe, at some point actually post regularly and revamp my blog.

My first idea was to rant about all of my opinions that no one agrees with, because if no one is going to see my opinions then no one can agree or disagree, right? Right.

But now I’ve thought that maybe I’ll take a leaf (is that the saying?) from freshmodesty.com’s book and start posting some things that were awkward and awesome about my week/whatever I post about.¬† I thought it might be a little more encouraging. ūüėČ

Plus I want to get some of these photos off of my phone so there’s that.

Me launching my blog like ^

Google Drive  d e s t r o y e s  image quality. As you can see.

Our vacation consisted of visiting the great outdoors. (Something I usually try to do only once a year. [just kidding])


There were some really nice things about going outside.

Like the scenery. (Who knew?)

The image quality is seriously so bad…someone send help.

No one can appreciate my attempted artisticness with such bad image quality…

Waiting for the sis’s to pick us up with the car.

So anyway, enough of the pictures because they’re so tiny.

Some of the awkwardly events that took place on our vacation:

+ We could not find out how to park legally because you needed some parking ranger permit pass thingy majig.

+ We ended up going past where we were supposed to on the trail.

+ I had to use the restroom very badly and was not willing to walk all the way back to the car so we walked back on the road and eventually two sisters went on ahead to get the car and come back to pick us up with the car.

+ We went to a restaurant and sat in the waiting room forever because they didn’t tell us how to put our name on the waiting list.

Some awesome moments were:

+ We saw all of that beautiful land. ^

+ We had a great time walking towards the end of the trail. (The same can not be said about the walk back.)

+ We had some hilarious photoshoots on the hike.

+ We had some interesting conversations whilst sitting on the rock, waiting to be picked up. (“Why isn’t that car stopping to ask us if we need a ride?”) ((Mostly kidding, but sometimes not.))

+ The salsa at the restaurant was yummy.

Overall, it was a fun first leg of vacation. (Though I cannot recommend the drive haha.)