Glad you stopped by Buttons and Bows! It is run by  Lizzie Pau. I am a Jesus Christ follower, newbie blogger, professional high-schooler, and avid coffee drinker. (Decaf only, please and thank you.)

As you can see in the picture above, I am slightly addicted to coffee and my phone. My life is full of cheesy grins (can you tell?), sporadic ballet dance moves in the kitchen, siblings laughing at my “wonderful” dance moves, and craftiness. *evil grin* Pun intended.

I occasionally knit, sometimes crochet, and often sew. Just kidding. I do all of those occasionally. I only drink coffee regularly.


With the birth of Buttons and Bows I will be crafting more(ranging from crochet projects to t-shirt painting), and Lord willing be posting my projects.